Jacob Zakaria


Jacob Zackary is the Chief Executive Officer of Standard Fabrics International, one of the Zackary Brothers Group of Companies. 

Raised in Los Angeles, Jacob attended Beverly Hills High School and graduated from UCLA with a degree in political science and public policy.  During his time at UCLA, Jacob founded a student group whose aim was to foster dialogue on issues related to the Middle East.  Jacob also completed a one-year internship at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy under Dennis Ross, who served as special Middle East coordinator under President Bill Clinton.

Upon his return to Los Angeles, Jacob plunged full-time into business and entrepreneurial activities, taking a position at Greystone Financial, a financial services and private investment group active in mortgage finance and real estate.  Jacob had displayed keen business and entrepreneurial instincts during childhood, having started his first business at age 13, and incorporating his first company at age 16.  It was therefore no surprise that, during his five years as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Greystone Financial, Jacob developed highly successful marketing strategies and become one of the top salespersons in the history of the company.  Jacob would eventually manage over 50 salespeople, and his team would originate and fund over $200,000,000 in real estate financing.

After the implosion of the real estate finance industry in 2009, Jacob joined his brothers Shawn, Shoram and Abraham at Paramount Textiles.  Jacob was given responsibility over the merchandising, production and sales divisions.  Under his leadership, company sales doubled within two years. 

In 2012, Jacob founded Standard Fabrics International, and has served as Chief Executive Officer since the company’s inception. As CEO, Jacob oversees all production, purchasing, sales, product development and merchandising. Standard Fabrics International currently enjoys some of the highest profit margins in the industry, and is one of the fastest growing women’s fashion textile manufacturers in the business.  The company also recently opened an office in New York City’s fashion district, and has quickly become the premier manufacturer and distributor of kids and juniors printed fabrics in New York City.